Why A Kinky Pink Cocktail Will Get HER In The Mood

kinky pink cocktail

About 26% of couples have sex at least once a week.

Whether you’re having sex once a week, or more, it’s not what counts. The amount of sex you have isn’t the goal to aim for. Instead, you should be focusing on creating the most intense and exciting sexual experiences.

The kind of experiences that are romantic, intimate, and fun to think about! If you think your sex life needs a little pick me up, you should check out what Pink Kitty liqueur offers.

How could making a kinky pink cocktail get her in the mood? Read on to find out.


Turn Up the Passion

When you bring Pink Kitty into the bedroom, you can expect things to get hot. The pink vodka uses a unique blend of herbs from around the globe.

The result is a compelling experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. What type of herbs will Pink Kitty liquor bring to the table? You and your girl will be able to enjoy herbs like maca, damiana, Avena sativa.

It’s all about coming together for a moment of intimacy. As you spice things up in the bedroom, you and your partner can reach a whole new level of understanding.

It’s almost like running away into your very own paradise. A paradise that’s just for you and her, where you can have all of the fun you want. Thanks to the delicious and passionate intensity PinkKitty offers, you can make all of your sensual dreams come true.

Unleash Your Wild Side

Do you find that you’re holding back in the bedroom? Or do you suspect that your partner isn’t really getting into it?

Sometimes nerves or self-conscious tendencies can make it hard to unleash your wild side in the bedroom. With the help of handcrafted vodkas, like PinkKitty you won’t have this problem.

As we mentioned earlier, the ancient herbs are there to help boost your mind and body with all of the passion you could possibly need. Instead of worrying about your performance, you’ll be fully immersed at the moment.

PinkKitty uses an intricate blend of ultra-premium vodka and flavorful pomegranate. When you mix in a sprinkle of peach and exotic herbs, the result is a truly wonderful taste.

Some of the top herbalists from all around the world helped create the PinkKitty exotic recipe. It adds intimacy to the drinking experience, but it’s also highly mixable.

You’ll be able to make all sorts of fun cocktail creations. For instance, you could mix the PinkKitty with cranberry for a fun vodka cranberry spin or try adding it to a little bit of orange juice.

Whatever mix you choose, the results will be the same. You’re sure to get the kitty to purr!

Get Adventurous With Avena Sativa

Why did they put Avena Sativa in PinkKitty? The plant has been used for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians used to use the Avena Sativa to help unwind at the end of the day. Ancient Greeks and Romans would also use the plant in hot herb baths. These herb baths were a way to get super clean while also resetting their mind and soul.

When you’re not bogged down with the stresses of the day, it’s easier to be adventurous in the bedroom. By mixing your girl the perfect cocktail, you’ll be giving her all of the benefits that Avena sativa has to offer.

Not only will she be able to unwind, but she’ll also be able to let loose too! The plant is a type of oat if you didn’t know. Along with relieving stress, it also brings a lot of other health benefits to the table.

For instance, Avena Sativa can help with your heart health and skin health while also minimizing anxiety and stress.  Basically, a Venus Sativa can help you look great and feel great too.

Romantic Maca and Damiana

A couple of the other herbs that are going to help spice things up with a PinkKitty cocktail are damiana and maca. Maca is Central to the highlands of Peru. It’s also been in use for thousands of years, bringing all sorts of health benefits to the table.

You can roast maca and eat it raw, or it can be added to different foods and drinks. Maca has a delightful aroma, which helps give the PinkKitty liqueur its unique flavor.

Not only is maca great for your health, but it’s also incredible for increasing your libido. The herb works for both men and women. All it takes is a little bit of maca to get things hot and heavy.

When you add damiana to the mix, watch out! Damiana is a wild shrub, and it’s sure to unleash your wild side. It was first used back in Baja, California.

Originally from the wild deserts of the Baja California Peninsula, damiana is a powerful plant. Similar to maca, damiana has a unique aroma, giving it a special flavor. The flavors unleash for the ultimate tasting experience when you boil the spice leaf.

The makers of PinkKitty liqueur have perfectly blended maca and damiana together so that the herbs play off of each other. They’re going to give you the most intense physical effects and taste great. It’ll only take one of these tasty pink cocktails for your partner to start feeling the effects.

Power of Peach

A couple of the other flavors you’ll get to enjoy include peach and pomegranate. Create the ultimate blend with your kinky pink cocktail, peach, and pomegranate.

For starters, peaches are already a seductive fruit. Back in medieval times, peaches were believed to increase intercourse. The ripe, juicy, pinkish fruits have a plunge of cleavage that makes you want to bite into them.

But it’s not just the Europeans who noticed a connection between peaches and sex. In early China, they used to think that peaches were magical. Magical fruits that could help inspire romance.

Over in Japan, peach blossoms were, and today still are, a symbol of fertility. When you look at modern-day America, you can still find advertisements that tip their hat at the curvaceous feminine ways of peaches. Take, for instance, the peach emoji and its reference to sex.

There’s no doubt about it; when you make your girl a pink cocktail that includes peaches as one of the flavors, it’s sure to set the right mood. Not only are peaches delicious, but they embody all things sexual!

Pomegranate Boosts Sexual Desire

Another one of the passionate flavors you can enjoy with Pink Kitty liquor is pomegranate. Did you know that a glass of pomegranate a day can help boost your libido?

Back in ancient times, a lot of civilizations would use pomegranate as a natural aphrodisiac. Drinking a fresh, refreshing glass of pomegranate juice can increase your sexual desire while so boosting your mood. Can you imagine what that would do for your life in the bedroom?

After giving her a delicious cocktail mixed with pomegranate, she’s sure to be in a great state. A naturally sexy state of arousal. The cocktail will be enriched with all of the goodness that nature offers, including antioxidants, vitamin c, and passion!

Pomegranate is also great at combating stress. It’s the perfect thing to add to your drink after the end of a long week.

To make things even better, pomegranate is also great at settling stomachs. Having an ingredient in the cocktail that keeps your stomach friendly and happy is a good idea for drinking nights. When things start heating up, you’ll want to be able to give it you’re all in the bedroom.

Pomegranates’ stomach-settling properties, plus natural pick-me-ups are sure to do the trick. You could go all night long, and feel great the entire time.

A Snow Leopard Cocktail to Get In the Mood

So far, we’ve been talking about how a kinky pink cocktail can get her in the mood. Now let’s dive into some of the different recipes you can use to make the perfect mix!

Of course, the first thing you need is Pink Kitty liqueur. You’ll also need a grapefruit and sparkling water. We suggest getting tall thin cocktail glasses to create the snow leopard cocktail.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of fresh mint to garnish your drink. Blending together the liquor and grapefruit juice, add in 4 oz of sparkling water or soda.

As things start fizzing together, put your mint leaves on top for decor. The cocktail will look extra fancy in the tall thin glass and with the pink color.

If you’re going to drink the drinks right away, feel free to add in a couple of ice cubes. But if you think it’ll be a while before you enjoy the drinks, keep the ice cubes out of the glass.

You don’t want things to get diluted. After sipping on a tall snow leopard cocktail, she’s sure to want another one.

Tigress Drinks to Set the Mood

Another great cocktail to add to your mixology book would be the tigress. Again you’ll need PinkKitty liqueur, but this time instead of grapefruit juice, get a ginger beer. You’ll also want some fresh lime juice or lime that you can cut up.

Pour the liquor and ginger beer together and stir them in a short cocktail glass. The short glass will give your cocktail a refined look, and it’ll have a nice deep red color.

The ginger beer perfectly colors the pink liquor, helping it look even more sophisticated. Squeeze in a little bit of fresh lime juice, but not too much! You don’t want the lime juice to overpower the seductive flavors that Pink Kitty already brings to the table.

After pouring all of your ingredients into the glass and garnishing it with fresh mint and lime, get ready to have fun. All it’ll take is a couple of these drinks, and she’ll be unleashing her in her inner tigress.

Kinky Cocktails and Foreplay With Drinking Games

Serving up a kinky pink cocktail is just the start. If you really want to spice up your sex life, we suggest adding in a few fun drinking games.

You and your partner can have fun getting to know each other while also unleashing your playful side. There are a ton of different drinking games that are perfect for enjoying with PinkKitty.

For instance, you could play couples trivia. Whether you’ve been together a long time or you’re still in the honeymoon phase, couples trivia is a great game to play while drinking.

The rules are simple. You and your partner will each write down a question about your relationship on a slip of paper. Then on the same piece of paper, write down a sexy consequence that will be used after asking the question.

For instance, the sexy consequence could be taking off an article of clothing. Another great sexy consequence would be to describe a bedroom fantasy you’ve had, in extreme detail.

Put all of the paper slips into a bowl. Decide who goes first, and have them pick a slip of paper.

If they give the wrong answer, then they take a shot. If they provide the right answer, you take a shot!

No matter what answer they give, everyone who plays follows the sexy consequence on the back of the paper. It’s up to you to decide whether you or your partner will carry out the act. But before you know it, you’ll be getting carried away together.

Unleash Her Desire With a Kinky Pink Cocktail

Designed for romance and intimacy, PinkKitty liqueur should be your go-to drink for a sensual night. Packed with the perfect herbs and flavors to make her purr, she’s sure to be coming back for more. As a premium blend of vodka, you’ll be able to make almost any type of kinky pink cocktail that her heart desires.

Are you ready to unleash the passion, intensity, and fire in your love life? Then go ahead and buy a bottle of PinkKitty Liqueur today. You’ll be glad you did!