Aphrodisiac Alcohol: Six Types of Aphrodisiac Alcohol Drinks

Aphrodisiac Alcohol: Six Types of Aphrodisiac Alcohol Drinks

Looking to spice up your sex life with the right drink? Everyone has heard of foods that are supposedly aphrodisiacs, but did you know you can get that effect from certain drinks as well? While alcohol alone is a depressant, some have the ability to put you even more in the mood and ready for a night of fun.

There’s an aphrodisiac alcohol drink for any occasion, so you don’t have to pick just one. Try out several and see which one is you and your partner’s favorite. 


What Is an Aphrodisiac? 

An aphrodisiac is something said to increase arousal and sexual desires within the person who consumes it. While they are usually consumed, via drinking or eating, you can also experience aphrodisiacs. They can be sounds and smells as well that enhance the mood and desire in a person. 

The impact has to do with chemicals in the brain, and certain connections made. This can increase or enhance libido, and make someone more sensitive to pleasure.

Common Examples

There are a lot of foods associated with aphrodisiac effects. These include figs, strawberries, oysters, artichokes, watermelon, and chocolate.

There are also a number of spices included on the list that can be infused in alcohol to make it more likely to have aphrodisiac-like effects. You can also make mixed drinks with these infused alcohols with ingredients like ginger to also end up with aphrodisiac alcoholic beverages.

1. The Snow Leopard

Looking for the perfect drink to cool you down and heat you up? The Snow Leopard is a delicious drink that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds and get you in the mood. This is an incredibly simple drink and makes a great choice for parties or an intimate celebration

For one drink you will need 4 ounces of grapefruit juice, 4 ounces of soda or sparkling water, and 1.7 ounces of PinkKitty Liqueur. Mix all of these together, pour into a tall glass with ice, and garnish with mint if you have it. You’ll have the perfect spritzer on a hot evening, or just another reason to make a toast.

2. The Tigress

The Tigress is one of those sexy drinks that’ll have you wanting to keep coming back for more. This simple drink doubles down on the aphrodisiac elements by adding in ginger with PinkKitty Liqueur, for a tantalizing and impactful beverage to enjoy with your love. 

To make this drink you need fresh lime, 5 ounces of ginger beer, and 1.5 ounces of PinkKitty liqueur. A great choice for ginger beer is Main Root Spicy Ginger Brew, which adds a bit of kick to your drink.

Pour these into a rocks glass with ice and top with some lime and fresh mint. The darker look of this drink adds class and mystique, and you’ll never want just one.

3. The Lioness

If you’re looking for the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing of the aphrodisiac alcoholic beverages, look no further. This classy drink will be your New Year’s Eve go-to and add a lot more to that midnight kiss. Grab your fanciest champagne flutes and get ready to cheers.

All the Lioness requires to make one of the best alcoholic aphrodisiac drinks is 1.5 ounces of PinkKitty Liqueur and 5 ounces of premium champagne. You can add in some raspberry or strawberries to add some sparkle to the drink and your evening. Pour those two in your best glasses and you’re set for an amazing evening you won’t regret.

4. The White Rhino 

For a true aphrodisiac, using more than one ingredient that gives you a boost is best, and this drink covers all your bases. This refreshing and perfectly spiced beverage will make anyone jealous of your drink-making skills, among other things.

This drink only requires a few ingredients to make a delicious evening. You’ll need 5 ounces of ginger beer, 1.5 ounces of Easy Rhino Liqueur, and fresh lime juice. Pour all of these into a glass with ice and top it with mint and a lime, and you’ll have one of the best aphrodisiac alcoholic drinks you can find. 

5. The Silverback

If you want to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up from excitement in more ways than one, this is the drink for you. It goes down easy and gets you ready for more.

This smooth drink only requires 1.5 ounces of Easy Rhino Liqueur, 5 ounces of your favorite energy drink, and some fresh lime juice. Add that to a tall glass with ice and top it all off with some fresh mint and a slice of lime. You’ll be ready for another or ready for something else a little warmer by the time you’re done. 

6. The Black Rhino

If you need a smooth and more bitter drink to pick you up and get you ready for the evening, this is some of the best aphrodisiac alcohol you could choose. This drink takes a bit more preparation but is well worth it. 

To make the Black Rhino you need 1.5 ounces of vanilla creamer, 5 ounces of coffee, and 1.5 ounces of Easy Rhino Liqueur. Add these into a glass with ice, stir it up, and you’ll have a great pick me up for an evening of fun. 

You can’t go wrong with either PinkKitty liqueur or Easy Rhino. These two different alcoholic aphrodisiac drinks are infused with just the right herbs and spices to provide you with the perfect night. 

The Perfect Aphrodisiac Alcohol Drink

When you’re looking for the perfect aphrodisiac alcohol drink for your evening, you can create almost anything you want. If you want something sweet, try the Snow Leopard, and if you’re looking for something sharper, try the White Rhino, both of which have aphrodisiac ingredients. 

The benefits of aphrodisiac alcohol are more than just the alcohol. And because you have so many choices, you can come up with numerous drinks to try and enjoy as your relationship grows and blossoms. 

So don’t be shy, and pour another drink. And if you want to try out your cocktail-making skills, give these drinks a try. 

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