Founder of 2XL Swagger Brands, Robert Tushinsky: A Journey of Innovation and Philanthropy

Founder of 2XL Swagger Brands, Robert Tushinsky: A Journey of Innovation and Philanthropy

Introduction: The brilliant career of Mr. Robert Tushinsky is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, diverse entrepreneurial ventures, and a deep commitment to philanthropy. From his early life to his groundbreaking achievements, Robert's story is one of passion, success, and a dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Early Life: Born on October 12, 1967, to Joseph Tushinsky and Rebecca Del Rio, Robert inherited a legacy of success and creativity. Joseph Tushinsky, a renowned figure who introduced Sony to the United States, and Rebecca, the first Filipino actress awarded Asia's Best Actress, provided a rich background for Robert's upbringing.

A Philanthropist Inspired by Churchill: Robert Tushinsky's philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in his admiration for Sir Winston Churchill. Guided by Churchill's wisdom that "we make a life by what we give," Robert channels his success into large-scale positive transformations for endangered wildlife and the environment. A portion of the proceeds from his ventures, including 2XL Swagger Brands, supports organizations like The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit, reflecting Robert's commitment to giving back to nature.

A Diversified Entrepreneurial Journey: Robert's entrepreneurial journey is characterized by innovation and a relentless pursuit of solutions to existing problems. Over his 40-year career, he has worked for prominent firms such as Sony/Superscope, Dell, Inc, and World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT). His foray into various industries, from tech to alternative energy, medical equipment, and publication, showcases his versatility and adaptability.

Notable Achievements in Innovation: One of Robert's standout achievements is his introduction of the "fresh pack" pasta to major retail chains in California, Nevada, and Arizona. His innovative cellular accessory jewelry products earned him the CNET/CES 2004 "Best Gadget" Award. Unlike sticking to a specific industry, Robert's diverse career path is fueled by his commitment to finding solutions and making a lasting impact.

The Pinnacle: 2XL Swagger Brands: Among Robert's many ventures, 2XL Swagger Brands stands out as a testament to his innovative spirit. The premium vodka brand with a lusty twist has disrupted the market with its unique approach. The spirits, Pink Kitty and Easy Rhino, cater to both genders with enticing flavors and aphrodisiac properties. The brand's motto, "Passion, Intensity, Desire," for Pink Kitty, and "Vigor, Vitality, Thunder" for Easy Rhino, reflects the brand's commitment to bringing couples together for unforgettable experiences.

Conclusion: Robert Tushinsky's career is a shining example of a visionary entrepreneur who not only seeks success in business but also strives to create positive change in the world. From his early years to his groundbreaking achievements and philanthropic contributions, Robert's journey embodies the essence of innovation, versatility, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and society.


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