How Your Purchase of Pink Kitty & Easy Rhino Liqueur Supports Wildlife Conservation

How Your Purchase of Pink Kitty & Easy Rhino Liqueur Supports Wildlife Conservation

Did you know that about 2 Rhinos are killed every day, simply for their horns? While this might seem like a small number, for endangered animals like these, it adds up quite fast. As poachers shift the way they hunt, catching them before they reach or trap their target animal has become a challenge. 

Anti-Poaching Units like the Black Mambas are needed to effectively stop poaching. The Black Mambas work tirelessly to ensure that the animals on the reserve are looked after and protected. It’s wildlife conservation efforts like this that 2XL believes in supporting through the sales of Pink Kitty Liqueur.

Keep reading to learn more about how your purchase of Pink Kitty Liqueur supports wildlife conservation. 

The Fight Against Poachers 

The silent war against poachers is one that is constantly evolving. Poachers don’t only rely on basic hunting techniques to kill animals. Instead, they employ many different methods and resources to trap and hunt these endangered animals.

Poachers use high-tech equipment to make their hunting easier. This includes using helicopters to track and run down animals, leaving little chance of their escape. 

Not only this, but because poachers carry weapons, they often kill those trying to protect the animals they’re after. This makes conservation a dangerous job. To combat this anti-poaching units are used in virtually every wildlife preserve. With military-like precision they use silent tactics to keep the animals they protect safe. 

This means that constant surveillance has to be routinely done to keep track of their resident animals. Anti-poaching units have to constantly be alert and ready at any time to check out a potential threat. 

The black market demand for large game animal products is steadily increasing. Poachers are doubling down their efforts to trespass on animal reserve lands. This is only escalating the longstanding crisis. 

Why Does Pink Kitty & Easy Rhino Support the Black Mambas?

The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit is an organization that works with Balule Nature Reserve. Here they protect animals like rhinos, lions, elephants, cheetahs, and leopards. 

As a nature reserve home to some of the most endangered animals, the Balule Nature Reserve relies on the Black Mambas. It is their job to ward off poachers that encroach on their animals. 

The Black Mambas are able to protect their animals by using clear communication between their units. It takes an unwavering commitment between their unit members to constantly put themselves in the line of fire. 

The Black Mambas also raise awareness within their community. This helps to ensure that the next generation is able to grow up with an awareness of sustainability. 

With all that the Black Mambas strive to accomplish, it’s the Black Mambas’ dedication to protecting these animals from poachers and keeping their lands safe to roam that 2XL stands behind.

Every Purchase of Pink Kitty & Easy Rhino Liqueur Helps Save Rhinos

When you purchase Pink Kitty Liqueur or Easy Rhino Liqueur, part of the proceeds goes to supporting the protection of endangered animals like the rhino. There are only 27,000 rhinos that remain in the wild today. This number continues to shrink as poachers trap and take their horns, leaving the rhino to bleed out and die. 

Rhinos not protected by a preserve have very little chance of surviving. This is due to aggressive hunting by poachers. Because rhinos are slow reproducers, their numbers are dwindling faster than they can repopulate.

In addition, they need large amounts of land to roam and feel free for them to want to reproduce. Rhinos that are stressed don’t usually reproduce successfully. 

To complicate matters further, captive rhino populations have limited individuals to work with. This means that incompatibility and infertility are problems that are often met.

Lions Need Protection More Than Ever 

There are fewer tigers in today’s wild, which means that poachers have moved on to poaching lions. Lion bones are used on the black market as a medicinal treatment in various cultures. 

Though lions have always been killed for their teeth and claws, the rate at which they’re now poached is a relatively newer problem. The brutality against these animals has increased to where a whole group of lions may be killed. Lions get killed for not just their bone products but their paws and faces as well.

To complicate matters further, it’s hard to detect when a lion has been poached. The bones and parts from large cats like these are easily hidden and smuggled out.

The protection of these animals is now down to conservation efforts of anti-poaching units like the Black Mambas. They work to ensure that these animals are around for the next generation to witness. Without these efforts, the future of all big game animals is a bleak one, where they may only exist in exhibits and photographs. 

Treat Yourself While Helping To Save Endangered Animals

While it’s sad to know that poaching has become much worse in recent years, there are ways that you can help while also enjoying yourself. By treating yourself with Pink Kitty and Easy Rhino Liqueur, you get to spice up your prowess in the bedroom, while knowing that you’re supporting an important cause. 

Here at 2XL, we believe in protecting the animals that have brought so much inspiration, which is why we donate 10% of our annual gross sales to the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit. 

With a range of exotic liqueurs to choose from, each infused with herbs and spices, there’s something to enjoy for everyone.

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