Making Your Mixology Exciting With Blue Liqueur

Making Your Mixology Exciting With Blue Liqueur

When you’re out and you order a drink, there’s nothing like knowing that you’re in the hands of a capable bartender — someone who can get your cocktail of choice, just right. But what about when you’re in the comfort and convenience of your home and you’re in the mood to whip something up? If that’s the case and you happen to do it fairly often, you would be called a mixologist.

So today, fellow mixologist, we’re going to talk about blue liqueur. If you’re not familiar, it’s an ingredient that will cause your cocktail to turn a beautiful shade of blue. As a bonus, when it’s mixed with PinkKitty® and EasyRhino® premium vodka brands, it can make for a very special evening too.

Are you ready to take your cocktail-making skills to an entirely new level? If so, we’re ready to help you.

What Exactly Is Blue Liqueur?

Let’s start with what blue liqueur is first. The name for it is Blue Curacao. It was invented in the 19th century by some Dutch settlers in the Caribbean. Originally, it came in a variety of colors. These days, the most popular hues are clear and blue. The liqueur is blue with the help of food coloring. The taste of the liqueur comes from orange peels.

What makes blue liqueur a fan favorite among bartenders and mixologists alike is when you add it to a drink, it turns the drink into a stunning blue-colored cocktail. If you’re curious about how much alcohol is in Blue Curacao, while it depends on the brand, the average is around 25% per bottle.

What’s in Vodka?

Since our company specializes in high-premium vodka, let’s talk a bit about vodka too. It’s a type of alcohol that has no color or odor to it. Vodka is oftentimes made from fermented grains like corn, wheat, or rye. Sometimes, vodka comes from potatoes, sugar beet molasses, fruit, or pure sugar.

However, the main ingredient in it is always water (typically around 40%).

Believe it or not, there are health benefits to vodka. When consumed in moderation, vodka can help to decrease stress levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease — and it’s even good for your skin and hair.

Something else that vodka (most forms of alcohol, actually) has the ability to do is increase sexual desire in both men and women. This is where our brands come in.

What Makes 2XL Swagger Brands So Extraordinary?

If you’ve never tried our 2XL Swagger ultra-premium vodka before, what makes us stand out is we’re the first gender-specific vodka that is totally herb-infused. What all of this boils down to is we have two kinds of vodka that each contain three distinctive herbs. Each kind is perfect for making cocktails.

PinkKitty® is our liqueur that was created with women in mind. You will taste hints of pomegranate and peach, along with a scent of cinnamon whenever you drink it. It also contains the herbs maca, Avena sativa, and damiana.

EasyRhino® is our male complement. Vanilla, cinnamon, and blood orange are its signature tastes. Herb-wise, it contains Muira Pauma, ashwagandha, and epimedium. Each bottle contains 35 percent alcohol (by volume).

The herbs that we selected for PinkKitty® and EasyRhino® were done so with a lot of thought and intention. That’s because both of them are designed to intensify a couple’s libido. At the same time, each bottle contains herbs that stimulate women and men differently. We’ll explain the herbs that are in PinkKitty® first.

The Maca in PinkKitty®

Maca is a kind of Peruvian plant. It’s beneficial in a lot of ways because it fights free radicals, helps to improve your memory, and can even protect your skin from sun damage. We chose to infuse it into PinkKitty® because it also lowers anxiety, increases energy levels, and is a proven libido booster.

Some health experts say that it can build up endurance too. That is always a bonus where intimacy is concerned.

The Avena Sativa in PinkKitty®

The best way to explain avena  is it’s an oat extract. We decided to add it because it’s an extract that helps to increase blood flow throughout the body. When that happens, sexual stimulation increases. Two other great things about avena stavia is it can also help to improve brain function and put you in a more positive mood whenever you consume it.

The Damiana in PinkKitty®

Damiana is actually a wild shrub. For years now, it’s been used to help treat health-related conditions like asthma, headaches and menstrual issues. It’s also an appetite suppressant. As far as intimacy goes, Damiana is effective because the flavonoids in it act as an aphrodisiac.

Damiana is known to improve stamina in men. It can also intensify sexual pleasure in women. By the way, the pomegranate that’s in PinkKitty® is pretty beneficial in the libido-boosting department as well.

The Muira Puama in EasyRhino®

Now for the guys. There’s a chance that muira puama is an herb that will be your “something new” to learn about today. Although it doesn’t come up much in regular conversation, it’s beneficial in a variety of ways. It helps to improve your heart rate, soothe stomach-related issues and it can keep free radicals from damaging your brain and central nervous system.

We decided to add muira puama to our EasyRhino® brand because it also reduces stress, improves erectile dysfunction and elevates testosterone levels too. Pretty amazing, right?

The Ashwagandha in EasyRhino®

Ashwagandha is an herb that’s super popular in the realm of Ayurveda (which is a kind of alternative medicine). Many people rely on it to relieve anxiety, reduce bodily inflammation and even decrease blood sugar levels.

As far as a man’s sex drive goes, ashwagandha is another herb that helps to boost testosterone levels while enhancing physical performance in the process.

The Epimedium in EasyRhino®

Finally, there’s epimedium. Knowing that its “nickname” is horny goat weed, that might tell you all that you need to know! While it’s great for treating menopause-related symptoms and can even help to strengthen weak bones, epimedium has a solid reputation for bringing relief to erectile dysfunction in men.

Here’s how it works. The compounds in the herb help to block enzymes that try to restrict blood flow to the penis. The smoother the blood flow, the stronger the erections will be.

And when you these herbs to the honey (it’s rich in Vitamin B which helps testosterone levels), the vanilla (it’s a natural aphrodisiac) and cinnamon (it increases blood flow in men and women), EasyRhino® is a bottle that you definitely should have in your possession.

Make Some Sexy and Fun Cocktails with Our Vodkas

Now that you know a bit more about all of the time that we put into creating the perfect vodkas, it’s time to add them to your mixology plans. Whether your favorite drink is a Classic Moscow Mule (vodka, lime juice and ginger beer), a French 76 (vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, Champagne or other sparkling wine) or a Cosmopolitan (vodka, 100% cranberry juice, lemon juice, Cointreau, simple syrup) — our vodkas, along with some blue liqueur, will be the icing on the cake.

That’s because, not only are our vodkas delicious, as you’ve already read, the herbs that are infused into them can stimulate both you and your partner in a way that no other kind of vodkas are able to do. It’s a great investment into your quality time plans in every way.

Feel free to purchase our PinkKitty® and EasyRhino® bottles separately. However, we’re confident that you’ll love both so much that we’ve made it possible for you to purchase them as a bundle as well. We call it our Night of Passion Package. Something tells us that after you have a glass or two, you’ll be in for an evening of just that (that’s what our customers have told us, anyway!).

So, Fellow Mixologist. What Are You Waiting For?

Clearly, you have a love for making cocktails. Now you’ve got the motivation to plan a romantic evening at home. Now all that you need is a couple of bottles of our vodka, some blue liqueur and you’re all set!

We sincerely hope that we’ve inspired you to add some blue liqueur and our vodka into your upcoming mixology plans. But if you have any questions or concerns, we’re always available. Feel free to contact us at

If we can help to make your nights sexier, we’re happy to do it. 

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