Three Ways a PinkKitty Drink Can Spice Up Your Love Life

Three Ways a PinkKitty Drink Can Spice Up Your Love Life

What does wearing sexy lingerie, sharing your naughtiest fantasies, and role-playing all have in common?

They’re some of the most popular ways to add a little spice to your love life.

And what compliments an intimate night better than a delicious cocktail? Forget the traditional glass of wine and explore the world of intoxicating and sexy liquor.

Our delicious, premium vodka based liqueur’s  are designed to not only stimulate your taste buds but awaken your inner sex god. 

Keep reading to uncover exactly how a PinkKitty drink will make your kitty purr and add flavor to your love life — literally!

What is PinkKitty Liqueur®?

Before we tell you why mixing a PinkKitty drink is the key to a night of passion and adventure, let’s talk about ingredients. 

PinkKitty Liqueur® combines ultra-premium vodka, exotic herbs, peach, and pomegranate flavoring to create one of the best flavored vodkas on the market.

Crafted by some of the top herbalists in the world, PinkKitty is 35% alcohol by volume and tastes great alone or with your favorite mixer. 

What makes PinkKitty Liqueur® unique is its expert blend of herbs designed specifically to arouse your inner desires. 

Avena Sativa, Damiana, and Maca combine beautifully to help relax and intoxicate you.

3 Ways to Use a PinkKitty Drink to Spice Up Your Love Life

For many couples, a romantic evening starts with a glass of wine or a cocktail. Because alcohol is a mild sedative, it helps relax you, elevate your mood, and shake off your shyness.

PinkKitty Liqueur® is not just any alcohol. This expertly blended elixir is crafted specifically for women looking to release their inhibitions and take control of their desire.

Get Creative in the Kitchen 

One of the best ways to increase intimacy and connect more with your partner is to participate in activities together. The more teamwork required, the better! 

Cooking helps couples learn to work together and compromise. It’s also about infusing mouthwatering flavors to create a delicious meal that’s a product of both your efforts.

Get sexy in the kitchen by adding natural aphrodisiacs like dark chocolate, oysters, and chili peppers to your favorite recipes.

No balanced meal is complete without a delicious drink. That’s where PinkKitty Liqueur® comes into play.

Choose some of your favorite ingredients, grab a few glasses, and become your own mixologist for the evening! 

Many of our featured recipes are light and fruity, relaxing you without filling you up.

The Lioness, Tigress, and Snow Leopard are a few of our favorites. The names alone should tell you that these quality cocktails are sure to make your kitty purr!

Natural Ingredients for a Holistic Experience 

Speaking of ingredients, when you make a PinkKitty drink, you’re getting natural ingredients without the unpleasant side effects or additives of other liqueurs. 

Our ultra-premium vodka based liqueur is the result of years of research and development from top herbalists and experts. Holistic herbs and ingredients ensure that you’re getting the purest, most flavorful, and natural product available. 

Avena Sativa was once used in Egyptian and Arabian bathhouses to help induce relaxation. Damiana is a wild shrub native to Mexico and touted for its ability to increase your mood and your libido!

Maca, a root native to Peru, has a fragrant aroma and is often used as a mood elevator.

These beneficial herbs mixed with a sweet blend of peach and pomegranate are what make a PinkKitty drink the perfect choice for a sensual and unforgettable evening. 

Create a His and Her Experience

Ladies, there’s no reason you can’t share your PinkKitty drink with your significant other. But if your man wants an aphrodisiac drink all his own, look no further than our EasyRhino Liqeuer®.

This ultra-premium vodka based liqueur  is designed with his needs and body in mind. Handcrafted with invigorating herbs, this Rhino drink combines undertones of vanilla, blood orange, and cinnamon for a full-bodied flavor.

The herbs found in EasyRhino Liqeuer® include Epimedium, Ashwagandha, and Muira Puama. 

With a name that means “potent wood”, it’s no surprise that Muira Puama is said to increase men’s sex drive and arousal. Epimedium is a natural herb used to treat erectile dysfunction and may boost both your libido and performance.

Ashwagandha can help ease stress and promote relaxation, helping you gear up for the intimate evening ahead. 

Other Tips for Improving Your Love Life

Once you start to feel the freeing effects of a delicious glass of PinkKitty Liqueur® or a PinkKitty drink, the real fun begins. 

Take inspiration from our passion for wildlife conservation and experiment with some role-playing and dress up. A sexy feline costume or animal print piece of lingerie will instantly transform you into a powerful and confident vixen.

The vibrant pink bottle of this ultra-premium vodka based liqueur is the perfect design accessory for the evening. Decorate the bedroom using pink flowers or rose pedals that compliment this flavored spirit. 

When enjoying a romantic and erotic night a home, why not pair a bottle of PinkKitty Liqueur® with a sexy game? Sip a cocktail while rolling some naughty dice or design your own game where the “loser” takes a shot or sip.

An arousing bedroom game plus the intoxicating effects of PinkKitty Liqueur® or EasyRhino Liqueur® are sure to take your love life and pleasure to new heights.

Premium Vodka based Liqueur for a Premium Experience 

Whether you’re planning a first date or looking to add some variety to your relationship, a PinkKitty drink can do both!

This delicious blend of natural herbs and mouth watering fruits will stimulate your taste buds and your senses for a night neither of you will soon forget.

With PinkKitty Liqueur® for her and EasyRhino Liqueur® for him, you can both enjoy flavors and ingredients designed for your unique needs, body, and palette.

The only question that remains is what delicious cocktail will you try first?

Click here to order your bottle today and get ready to unlock new worlds of pleasure and satisfaction. 

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