5 Reasons Why Vodka Liquors  Are Perfect for Couples'  Drinking

5 Reasons Why Vodka Liquors Are Perfect for Couples' Drinking

Did you know that the vodka industry is one of the highest-grossing alcohol markets in the world?

In 2020, the global vodka market representative value was approximately $39 billion. This was lower than 2019 due to factors arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, more and more couples are turning to vodka liquors as a shared activity to deepen their romance.

Vodka drinks contain a playful mystique that appeals to audiences of all generations.

In this article, we will walk you through five reasons why vodka liquors are perfect for drinking together with your partner.

1. Making Fun Vodka Drinks Is a Shared Activity

Vodka drinking and mixology can be fun couples activities to do on a weekend night in. All it takes is a set of vodka drink recipes and some quality liquor to get started.

Many couples will choose to have a get-together to make vodka drinks as a way to prepare for going out on the town. They enjoy sampling a variety of vodka brands and seeing how each tastes different in their particular favorite recipe.

Many cities offer mixology classes for couples to teach them the basics of common vodka drink recipes. Couples can use this to create cocktails from scratch at home and even expand their repertoire with their creations.

It can be a sexy way to spend a romantic evening with your partner before a major event or as an event in and of itself.

It can also be a great way to get to know other couples and learn about their travels and experiences. Because vodka is present in the history of many cultures, depending on where you have traveled you may have learned to like a variety of different styles or recipes.

Understanding vodka liquors is a great way to start a conversation at a cocktail party or shared home event. It can be a whole new world of knowledge for a couple to enjoy exploring together regularly or from time to time.

Some Examples

2XL Swagger Liquors provides a list of fun cocktails to mix with your partner.

Their Snow Leopard combination brings together Pink Kitty vodka liquor, grapefruit juice, sparkling water, and a hint of mint.

Similarly, The Tigress employs vodka liquor mixed with ginger beer and fresh lime. If you want to add more sour flavor, simply add an extra lime into the mix.

Put these drinks together with your partner and you have set the stage for a perfect night of intimacy.

2. Drinking Together May Help You Stay Together

There is some evidence that couples who drink together actually may have a better longevity of their relationship.

One recent study performed by researchers at the University of Michigan looked at married couples over the age of 50. They specifically identified couples who had the same drinking habits as their partner.

Couples were grouped into different categories based on the amount that they drink. Some couples drank at various levels and couples who did not drink.

The researchers found that couples who both drank some amount of alcohol at the same quantity were happier than those whose drinking habits were not aligned.

The study showed that people who drank when their partners did not have reduced levels of satisfaction. The amount that people drank was less important than having a concordant drinking status.

The study had an interesting finding that women seemed to be more satisfied over time when they were the only ones drinking in their relationship.

Overall, the study included almost 3000 couples from 2006 to 2016. Most of the couples included both participants drinking.

Husbands were more likely to drink than their wives. But as mentioned, when only one spouse drank, there was overall less satisfaction in the relationship.

So if you want to stay happy and improve your chances with your partner over the long term, it is a great idea to explore your drinking habits together in conversation.

3. Drinking Vodka Together May Have Health Benefits

Vodka does have some benefits for your health when consumed in moderation. As a disclaimer, drinking can become an addictive behavior that is detrimental to your health when you drink too heavily. Always drink responsibly and talk to your physician about your drinking habits and patterns.

Vodka may reduce blood sugar levels in comparison to beer or wine. This is a surprising finding that is relatively unique to vodka.

While diabetics should talk to their doctor about their drinking habits, those who do continue to drink could incorporate this into their drinking and insulin management strategy.

Taking the vodka straight without additional ingredients may be the clearest way to reduce sugars.

One study found that patients who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis benefited from drinking vodka semi-regularly. It helped them to reduce the amount of pain that they felt and lower inflammation.

Vodka has been used for a long time to help to ease the pain of toothaches. Vodka can also fight off bad breath and germs in the oral cavity. Couples who drink together may want to drink vodka mixes to help keep themselves feeling fresh during a night out.

It may not be the first thing you think of, but vodka can also be a helpful skincare product. Because it is a natural toner and has disinfectant properties, it can be a facial cleanser.

Vodka can be used to help clean out your pores and tighten the skin on your face. It has drying and detoxifying abilities, however, it can have a dehydrating effect over time. People with dry or sensitive skin may not see the benefit.

4. A Special Treat for Couples Trying to Lose Weight

Vodka is generally considered lower-calorie alcohol in comparison to other drinking options. There are a variety of healthier vodka cocktails that don’t include large amounts of sugar.

Of course, alcohol and weight loss aren’t exactly commonly associated partners. But for couples who continue to drink on occasion while trying to lose weight, choosing the right types of alcohol can be complementary.

Choosing low-calorie alcohol in moderation can help promote weight loss efforts between one or both people in a relationship. Drinking vodka together on occasion can be a form of accountability between partners who are looking to lose weight while also enjoying a drink as a special treat from time to time.

There is some evidence that vodka can help to lower your cholesterol, and as anyone who has had vodka knows, it can eat increase blood flow and circulation in the body. This can be beneficial to your heart and improve your health when used in moderation.

5. Vodka Liquors Are Perfect for Couples Drinking Games

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last. Drinking a vodka cocktail with your partner is a lot of fun, but playing a drinking game takes the experience to the next level. There are a wide variety of fun games to enjoy with your partner as you sip on your favorite vodka liquor together.

Whether you are playing Never Have I Ever, a quiz game, Spin the Bottle, or Two Truths and a Lie, vodka liquors are perfect for your favorite drinking games.

They are relatively lower in calories and have a neutral taste that can be mixed with a wide variety of flavors. As always, remember to drink responsibly and never engage in binge drinking.

Couples Vodka Liquors from to XL Swagger

If you want the ultimate in intimate drinking experiences, you need to check out EasyRhino and PinkKitty from 2XL swagger. These forward-thinking, handcrafted premium spirits are designed specifically for couples.

The aim is to use herbal infusions to help deliver a stellar taste that helps promote intimacy during time spent together drinking. These are the most seductive spirits in the world.

Easy Rhino

Easy Rhino includes a unique blend of cinnamon and other herbs. Cinnamon is known for its warming properties that help to increase blood flow in male erogenous zones. It can be highly stimulating and help to drive a powerful presentation toward your partner.

The other herbs that are included in Easy Rhino are ashwagandha, epimedium, and Muira Pauma. These herbs are natural aphrodisiacs that help to create an activating feeling of unleashing your inner self. Combined with vodka, EasyRhino encourages a release of your inhibitions and hesitations and allows you to connect more fully with your partner.

Muira Pauma is sought after around the world because it is known to help increase sexual desire. It may help treat erectile dysfunction and improve the male sex drive.

Ashwagandha is a special type of shrub that is found in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It has a long history in alternative medicine, also known as the winter cherry or Indian ginseng.

Ashwagandha can help to reduce stress and increase your energy levels.

Users state that it helps them transform their minds into a flow state that improves their lovemaking.

Finally, epimedium gives a strong boost of energy to men looking to impress their partners. It can enhance performance in the bedroom, so much so that it is also known as horny goat weed. Epimedium is highly effective for treating erectile dysfunction and promoting sexual performance.


PinkKitty Liquor brings together a top-shelf vodka with a variety of exotic herbs and special flavoring into a package that is designed to help women connect with their partners.

The drink was designed by some of the best botanical herbalists in the world.

It is 35% alcohol by volume, filled in with additional peach and pomegranate flavoring.

The additional herbs found in PinkKitty include Avena sativa, damiana, and maca.

This unique combination allows women to take hold of their desire and enhance their intimacy with a partner.

The natural aphrodisiacs in this drink are light and fruity and can lead to a fun and creative experience in the kitchen with your partner.

In general, drinking vodka can make a woman feel sexy when done in moderation. You may feel more open to receiving sexual attention from your partner and playfully flirting with lesson edition.

You may also find your partner more attractive as well.

Unfortunately, one problem with combining alcohol with sex is that alcohol has a numbing effect on sensitivity. Women have been found to have less sensation in their general area when under the influence of alcohol.

But Pink Kitty liquor is designed to combat this through the effects of its exotic herbs. These herbs help to both improve the taste of the vodka and increase overall arousal and sensitivity in ways that other spirits can’t.

Avena sativa helps to increase testosterone and sexual desire.

Damiana is a natural aphrodisiac that can help improve stamina and energy in the bedroom.

Maca also increases sex drive, but there’s some evidence that it also improves fertility. Drinking Pink Kitty can be a great way to set the mood when you are looking for an intimate experience with your partner.

Choosing Vodka Liquors to Enhance Your Intimacy with Your Partner

At the end of the day, there are a variety of premium vodka liquors available for you to drink with your partner. However, none of them offer the enhanced sexual benefits of the premium herb mixes included in EasyRhino and PinkKitty liquors. These drinks are specifically mixed to help you to enjoy your time together with your partner.

If you are interested in learning more about the design and purpose of these liquors crafted by 2XL Swagger, please contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our drinks and direct you to the nearest distributor.

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