Exotic Herbs in PinkKitty  Liquor

Exotic Herbs in PinkKitty Liquor

Did you know the earliest known collection of written articles about medicinal plants and their remedies dates back to approximately 77 AD, with Greek surgeon Pedanius Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica?

However, people have been using herbal remedies for well over 5,000 years, and as civilization has changed and developed, so has our knowledge of herbs and their uses. 

How can natural herbs actually help with promoting sexual desire? And what is the benefit of using exotic herbs over conventional medicine?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the exotic herbs found in PinkKitty Liquor and how they can help you unleash your hidden passions.

How Herbs Can Enhance Sensuality

Struggling with low libido and diminished sexual desire can be frustrating, and a lot of conventional medicines just aren’t appealing. There are also plenty of benefits to using herbal remedies over prescription medication. 

Let’s first look at what medicinal herbs can actually do for us. 

What Is Herbal Medicine? 

The term “herb” can refer to a lot of different things, but primarily refers to all the parts of a plant that have natural healing and therapeutic properties. They can promote physical health and wellbeing in both the body and mind, and we know of hundreds, if not thousands, of individual herbs that have their own unique properties.

We typically use herbal remedies in teas or as supplements, but PinkKitty is a much more exciting way of tapping into the realm of female enhancement.

The Benefits Of Herbal Remedies Compared To Conventional Medicine

Before we dive too much into the unique blend of exotic herbs in PinkKitty liquor, let’s touch on the benefits of herbal remedies, especially in relation to sexual health. 

Herbal remedies can help you with:

  • Self-healing and enhancement
  • Personal empowerment
  • Reducing negative side effects

The feeling of empowerment that comes with taking charge of your own sexual health and wellbeing is second to none. Empower your passion and sensuality with herbal remedies and reignite the fire in the bedroom. 

Prescription drugs often come with a host of side effects, which nobody wants to deal with. The body tolerates herbal remedies well because they’re more natural. Of course, there can be side effects, but that is the case with anything we choose to put in our bodies.

What’s In PinkKitty® Liquor?

PinkKitty Liquor is the perfect companion to a night of sensuality and desire, and it’s not just because of the perfectly sweet blend of peach and pomegranate. While sensuous in their own right, it’s the exact blend of herbs infused into the drink that really packs the punch.

Peach And Pomegranate

While rich in antioxidants and brimming with flavor, we have not chosen these two fruits only for their crisp and delightful taste. Pomegranates have long been seen as a symbol of fertility and desire, and peaches have a legacy of aphrodisia to uphold.

It’s only a bonus that the sensual flavor would satisfy even the sassiest of palettes. 


Maca is a Peruvian plant that has been cultivated for over 2,000 years and, though society has long used it as a traditional medicine and stamina booster, recent experimental science has revealed that Maca also has fertility-enhancing properties and combats the effects of sexual dysfunction. 

Blended into the silky sweet ambrosia of peach and pomegranate, it is the perfect nutty-flavored companion to get the night started. 

Avena Sativa

More commonly known as oat straw, Avena Sativa has long been used as a tincture to reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and enhance mood. With a rich, earthy taste and a host of benefits, it is the perfect companion to both Maca and the fruits of PinkKitty. 

Avena Sativa has the potential to improve brain health, improve stress, and enhance physical and sexual performance. Plenty of athletes won’t start their day without a bowl of oats, so why would you start your evening of play with anything else?


Damiana is a wild, exotic shrub that grows on the plains of Mexico and Central America. Damiana has had a long history as an aphrodisiac and helps prevent and treat sexual problems, as well as enhance physical and mental stamina. 

Some people describe damiana as giving them a slight “high,” which is ideal for getting into the right, relaxed headspace. The added benefit of Damiana is that it can help improve female sexual enjoyment while helping your partner… keep up, as it were.

Delicious Arousal And Ideas For Fun

Everything from the bottle design down to the luxurious taste of PinkKitty delivers an intimate drinking experience. It’s perfect as a Valentine’s gift, or the final touch on an evening of pleasure.

PinkKitty is great on its own but is also highly mixable, so use it for your pleasure in delicious cocktails. Why not try it in a citrusy screwdriver or a fresh, peachy woo woo. A fun favorite is the “bend over Shirley,” garnished with ripe cherries. Any cocktail that asks for vodka as its main liquor will be a superb choice.

Whether you’re starting your evening with a drink or taking a much-deserved break to gather your senses, PinkKitty has your back.

Ignite Your Desire

Designed for pleasure and practicality, PinkKitty liquor should be your go-to drink for a night of fun. It’s packed with ingredients to make you purr and a juicy, sweet taste that will keep you coming back for more. 

Also? We’re passionate about wildlife conservation, so you know your purchase is going somewhere good.

Get your bottle today. It’ll look great on your shelf. Or next to your bed. Wherever you please.

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