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​Crafted to Satisfy the Kings of Nature’s Kingdom

A Premium, handcrafted vodka  carefully infused with some of Mother Nature’s more “Invigorating Herbs” passed down to us from the Ancients. With notes of vanilla, cinnamon, blood orange and our Special Bled of Herbs, EasyRhino Liqueur® is truly a Unique Spirit all to itself .

Three of the seven “Special Herbs” infused in:

(Muira Puama, Ashwaganda and Epimedium)

Some of the “Ancient Herbs” found in EasyRhino Liqueur®


Known as ‘potent wood’, the roots and bark of this little-known tree found in the Amazon rain forest were used by indigenous people in a variety of ways, including teas, massages, and hot baths. Its small, white flowers produce an alluring fragrance similar to that of jasmine.

For almost 3,000 years the root of this tender plant, was extracted and used by ancient Eastern cultures and was first described in ancient, sacred Indian texts. The plant, sometimes called “wild cherry,” produces small, bell-shaped flowers with a fiery, orange-red fruit in its center.

For over 2,000 years, this herb has been used by many different cultures, most notably by ancient Chinese culture. The plant, which produces a spider-like flower, is picked wild and its plant leaves were boiled to make hot tea.


EasyRhino Liqueur® is infused and flavored to perfection… fitting for a King.


EasyRhino® is a seductive blend of Ultra-Premium Vodka and Vanilla mingling with Cinnamon, Blood Orange and an exotic blend of herbs. Created by Robert J. Tushinsky and some of the top herbalists from around the globe, EasyRhino’s exotic design is not only intended to deliver amazing taste, but adds Vigor to the drinking experience. EasyRhino® is also highly mixable, lending itself to a variety of tempting cocktail creations. At 35 Percent Alcohol by Volume, EasyRhino® is perfect by itself or ready to be mixed with your favorite mixer to get the rhino to Charge!

EasyRhino® is also the first liqueur to use a blend of herbs known around the world for their tantalizing experience. Exotic Herbs like Muira Puama, Ashwaganda and Epimedium brings a deliciousness and arousal that can’t be found in any other spirit. Most of all EasyRhino® is about bringing couples together to have an amazing time. When EasyRhino® is involved the possibilities of seduction are endless. 
(35% Alc/Vol.,70 proof) | +1 512 287 0517

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